Why I’ve given up eating fish (again)

At the age of 13, Kia turned vegetarian but 15 years later, she started eating fish again. Here she reflects on why that decision was wrong There is an inherent hypocrisy in what I do for a living. On one hand, I write about the state of the planet, call for tourism caps and grapple … Read more

Britain’s best long-distance footpaths | Atlas & Boots

Britain’s best long-distance footpaths provide excellent access to the UK’s outdoors while showcasing the finest scenery our isles have to offer When you think of the best long-distance hiking trails from around the world, little old Britain probably wouldn’t top of your list. Hikers will more likely be drawn to the Triple Crown of the Appalachian, … Read more

Finding health insurance as an American digital nomad

My experience trying to find the best health insurance for American digital nomads (and/or expats), and what global health insurance I chose as an American long-term traveler. Not sponsored, I just want to help other travelers who have the same questions I did.   Back in my early days of full-time travel and digital nomadism, … Read more

10 best hikes in New Forest National Park

The best hikes in New Forest National Park reveal a quintessential slice of English countryside Despite its name, the New Forest is neither new nor much of a forest. The region was first declared a royal hunting preserve in 1079 by William the Conqueror and the landscape is more heathland (the most extensive area remaining … Read more

How to choose a down jacket: a beginner’s guide

A beginner’s guide on how to choose a down jacket that will keep you warm and toasty in the great outdoors A high-quality down jacket is no longer the preserve of the outdoorsy. Politicians, pop stars and even princesses have been pictured in a ‘puffa’. Of course, a down jacket truly comes into its own … Read more

Repercussions of being an ethical travel influencer

Something more personal today: the mental struggles of trying to be an ethical travel influencer.   Lately, I’ve been paralyzed. Not physically, mentally. When I began Lost With Purpose in 2016, I just wanted to share useful information for travelers with a sprinkling of stories. As I sought more readers for my blog and ways … Read more

20 best hiking apps to download in 2021

We take a look at the best hiking apps currently available and which ones best meet your needs be they trip planning, navigation or first aid. Hiking apps never used to feature in my outdoor adventures, but times have changed. Now, every Ordnance Survey map comes with a digital version available to download onto my smartphone … Read more

Happiest countries in the world 2021 – ranked

Finland tops the rankings of the happiest countries in the world for the fourth year running Happiness is a nebulous thing; hard to grasp and harder to hold onto. Scientists, economists and philosophers have defined it through the ages as a combination of different things, among them health, wealth, companionship and security. Various indices attempt … Read more

Cold shoulder: 10 dramatic climbing controversies

From dubious first ascents to tense clashes at high altitude, we chart 10 dramatic climbing controversies – some resolved and others less so There was a time when climbing controversies were sportingly confined to the slopes. The petty trivialities, the robust exchanges and the heated clashes were just part of the cut and thrust of … Read more

Learning to love the quiet charms of Leefdaal, Belgium

A begrudging love letter to Leefdaal, Belgium—the little Flemish village where I’ve spent the pandemic lockdown and now one of my favorite places to walk in Belgium’s Flemish Brabant province.   At the start of the pandemic, when I realized I had to trade my nomadic adventures for lockdown life in my parents’ Belgian village, … Read more